Public life


I started Omo Aje records precisely in 1957 at number 2, Oke Popo, by Oya compound in Lagos. After leaving Oke Popo, I bought a building at Number 14, Ibomo Street. The house was constructed with roofing sheets, with two rooms and a parlour. Unfortunately, the house was consumed by fire, but God blessed me and I erected a two-storey building on the site, using all the rooms on the ground floor as workshop, while we had four flats upstairs. We lived in one flat and used another one as office, while we rented out the remaining two. From there, God continued to bless me. As at today, I own lots of houses at different locations in Lagos and Ibadan. By the grace of God I have been able to work and ensure that various musicians wax records. The list includes: Lefty Salami Balogun, who was a former drummer; Dauda Epo Akara, Tatalo Aremu, Amuda Agboluaje, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, Jimoh Ayinla Anikura, Omo Kekere Amoo, Jaiyegbade Alao and many others I can’t remember now.


My father bears Babalaje, so I christened my own company Omo Aje records while he was alive. When he died, I changed to Babalaje being the head of the family.


I became Mogaji of Adetunji family in 1976, three years after I was first called to do so. I can recollect that the late Balogun Olubadan, High Chief Sulaiman Omiyale, pressured me to become the Mogaji of my family, but I refused because of my business. But he persisted and educated me that being a chief in

Ibadan will have no negative impact on my business. I didn’t yield to his pressure until three years after when I succumbed. Since 1976, I have continued to progress steadily on the Balogun chieftaincy line, climbing the 23 steps according to the tradition of Ibadan chieftaincy, till Allah granted me the grace to become Olubadan today.