Education and Experience

I have no educational certificate and I never attended any school, but I attended lesson classes. My job experience with some white men gave me the opportunity to learn their language by relationship.

I trained as a tailor under Mr Disu Alade Igbalajobi from Ijaye. I sew both English and Yoruba dresses. My tailoring business boomed because I displayed expertise in the profession. I had four sewing machines and employed four journeymen who worked on shifts. I have been living in Lagos since 1949, the same year I met Prince Femi Kehinde Osinowo, who is still around till today. I am the first Nigerian to have a record label, the late Badejo Okusanya, who owns Badejo Sound Studio, baptised me into the world of music business. He was my boss because he was responsible for my eventual transformation from tailoring business to the music industry.